Welcome to Sallie's small domain-based artsite. This site will host projects I feel I completed well, as well as any character design sheets I eventually churn out.
This site is named for my own 'magical blue pencils' which I use to sketch everything. They are indeed blue, and magical.
This site contains nudity.

Offsite Art Galleries
Deviantart - Updated with good works.
Y!Gallery - Updated with most male based works.
Furaffinity - Updated rarely.
Wish Stars - Updated with art relating to Saku and my story.
Hosted - Back to the main domain.

The Red Dress Project
A project from back in March 2007. This entire project was basically inspired by a dress I saw in a shop window in Torquay. Shana ended up in the inspiration dress.

Felinoid References
Another project from 2007, to have basic colour references for all my Felinoids. Although uncomplete, I still rather like the ones I did.

Nude Forms
A project from Spring 2008, which was me making an effort to try and draw different body shapes. Some are barely passible, but some are my strongest ever pictures.

The Fur Project
A project from Spring 2009, based off photographs from this gallery. Man I like drawing naked womens.

The Devil Shirts
A project from May 2009, I wanted to draw Saku and My new boy project, also something solid black and also something involing T-shirt slogans. I merged all the projects into one thing..

Completed Design Sheets

Part of Rigaffe.co.uk. All artwork Sallie unless otherwise stated.